I would consider

having  a child just so I could order this Kate Spade baby bag!


!photo friday!


I missed photo Friday last week, so I promised 20 photos this week! Which I shouldn’t have done! I was sick for three days with a stomach flu. I’m much better now, but I’m not going to post 20 photos. I need more time, or all the pictures end up looking crappy! So, enjoy these 7 photos. I’ll try to post more this weekend.
 One of my favorites this week was on my phone from the holidays. I dyed my hair brown and hot pink the Monday before Christmas. When I say dyed I mean my hairdresser did it for me. 

Photos and Jane Austen

Friday was a very crazy night for me. I’m sad to say that I missed my photo Friday. I will make it up this week with 20 photos on this Friday. I’ve been neglecting by blog but I did not mean too. Work has been crazy, over the weekend, we had 3 days of member events. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. I spent most of the day in bed today. It was very nice.

When I’m not working, I’m going on homework. I’m taking two rather demanding classes. Which leaves little time for fun things. I have managed to see a couple of movies and finish a couple of quick reads on my days off. One thing that I did manage to do today while in bed was to watch Persuasion. This was a beautiful adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. I say it’s beautiful but I never actually read the book. I know all the  Austen stories, and I thought  I had read most of them, but I have not. I think I know the stories because I watch movies and read adaptations. I knew that Anne was persuaded not to marry the poor Captain Wentworth.

The story begins 8 years later, when Anne is 27. At this point in her life, it seems she is beyond the marrying age. She and Wentworth paths cross once again. Sally Hawkings portrays Anne in this Masterpiece Classic, while Rupert Penry-Jones plays the Captain. This is one amazing movie to watch, I think I cried a few times.

I’ve also decided to do the Jane Austen challenge! Even though, I can tell you how all the stories end – I think I should take the challenge. I did do the Everything Austen challenge last year. I read/watched six Austen inspired books/movies. This challenge is hosted at a blog called, the life (and lies) of an Inanimate Flying Object. There are different levels that you can participate at, I’m trying for the Fanatic level. Which means I need to read six Austen novels and five re-writes, prequels, sequels, or spoofs.

I’m already reading Emma and I recently finished  Mr. Darcy Broke my Heart by Beth Pattillo. Last week, I finished Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. You can track my progress on my Austen page!

i’m red

It’s only fitting that I take the Color Quiz by True Value Paint and get Red! I thought since it was Valentines Day, I would do a special post of things that I love. That was before I took the quiz! Now, that I’m Red, I’ve decided to post red things that I love!

According to the quiz, these detials describe me….

You boast incredible willpower and are capable of overcoming obstacles that would normally leave others shaking in their boots. You have a penchant for colorful environments and often impress others with your energetic bursts of energy. Your interests in many areas of life often leave you scattered, but when you focus you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


1. Red Ballet Shoes 2. Rothko painting 3. Louboutins 4. Kate Spade! I just bought this bag!! 5. Chanel 



snow day feb 12, 2010

In Dallas, we don’t get snow. We may get flurries or ice but not real snow. Not the kind of snow that you can build snowmen in or make snow angles in. Well, February 11, 2010 it snowed over ten hours straight! No stopping the snow. I stayed home yesterday and today. I thought it was funny and tried to drive the 45 minutes to work Thursday morning. After sliding around and almost being hit twice, I turned around. Today, no chances were taking as work decided to close. I spent my way in the past way possible in my cozy bed, sleeping. I did manage to drag my lazy but from the warmth of my bed and took a hand full of photos. We had over a foot of snow. It was beautiful. I already posted my photos for photo Friday, but a few more can’t hurt!

10 photos for Photo Friday!

#56, broach -- I took several straight on photos, but I found this more interesting

#91, dot -- yes, this is heavily edited but I had fun!

#86, glare -- the frame on this photograph created a nice glare - look at the artworks on the opposite wall to the right of the image

#90, design - this is a painting by a former classmate who was inspired by the fashion industry

#81, door - like 3 other photos I found this at the Dallas Art Fair

#19, before

#31, After

#41, tracks

#76, big

#29, movement

I do love taking photos, each week when Friday rolls around. I dig out my copy of the 100 words we picked. I race around trying to find images that fit. I always carry my point and shoot, although last week I did buy a digital SLR.  Sadly, none of these are from my new camera. I decided to safe that for the next go around. Patricia and I are having a great time finding our words. Don’t forget to check her site out! She photo blogs at boken focus. So, enough chatter here are my ten photos for the week!

#35, Knit

Until next Friday ~ enjoy