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#15 Font (or Type). I love this! Can you guess the font?

I have a goal to review 50 art exhibitions, which if you consider that I work in an Art Museum that it would be an easy thing to do. Not really! My job really has nothing to do with exhibitions. I need to be utterly informed about what they are and how many pieces are in the exhibition, as well as 2 or 3 art works that will be in the exhibition. I know this sounds rather lazy and a bit sad, so as part of my 101 challenges, I wanted to review 50 art exhibitions. I don’t mean to make myself sound lazy, I work very hard! So on with the art review, which just so happens to not be at the museum I work for! I  as very excited to learn about exhibition, as it is the first living artist to have their work exhibited at the Nasher Sculpture Center. The Nasher produces amazing exhibitions, don’t get me wrong, but this was a bit out of the norm for the center.  Jaume Plensa is a Spanish sculpture artist, and one I had not previously heard of. 

 Jaume Plensa: Genus and Species
January 30 – May 2, 2010
Nasher Sculpture Center 

To best describe Plensa, I took this from the Nasher website:

For the past 20 years, contemporary Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa has been investigating the intimate interconnection between nature and culture through large-scale sculptures and installations that incorporate light, sound, and text in transparent, often interactive structures, such as the incredible Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago. 

As you walk into this exhibition you are immediately aware of the artist work! It’s not hidden away in a gallery, it’s in front of you and you can touch it! As a museum employee, I cringe at the thought of people touching artwork, but this you have to touch! Actually, you walk through the work, if you don’t you can’t see the exhibition! This was a very odd experience for me. 

The cold metal letters were not easy to walk though; you have to pull the letters as if you were pulling back a shower curtain. Once, you let go they plink each other making a very odd noise. You still here the sounds as you are in the lower galleries, it’s almost like a reminder that someone else is above you looking at art. I never really felt alone while looking at the art. With this said, I felt the impact of the solitude of the works. The expressions evoked so many emotions, that I often found myself wondering what the person/piece was thinking about. Which is what the artist wanted, the exhibition brochure states,  “For Plensa, sculpture provides the physical link to a shared, persistent, and ineffable sensation of our humanity.”I fell in love with this exhibition and have since returned many times. This is quite evident on my blog as many of my photo Friday snapshots are from this exhibition. My favorite pieces in this installation are The Heart of Trees, 2007. I immediately recognized the names  of writers and musicians, along the bronzed bodies. The bronze bodies have trees sprouting from the center of the body (the loins so to speak). I did not realize until I read that the 7 pieces had a significant meaning, “ the number of figures, seven, corresponds to the number of major musical notes,” The meaning goes a bit deeper, “symbolizes the growth of ides.”I will hate to see the exhibition close in May, and to see The Heart of Trees be uprooted to move to a new temporary home. I guess the growth of ideas are meant to not only grow but may foster new ideas in other locations.


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