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Don’t forget you can view all of Patricia’s photos on her blog, Bokeh focus


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#87 Fortune


#28 File - we are just a bit behind on filing

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It’s my birthday and I’m not slacking off today! Here are this weeks photo Friday images. Enjoy!! Most of these were taking during a fun lunch break on March 11th.

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I missed photo Friday last week, so I promised 20 photos this week! Which I shouldn’t have done! I was sick for three days with a stomach flu. I’m much better now, but I’m not going to post 20 photos. I need more time, or all the pictures end up looking crappy! So, enjoy these 7 photos. I’ll try to post more this weekend.
 One of my favorites this week was on my phone from the holidays. I dyed my hair brown and hot pink the Monday before Christmas. When I say dyed I mean my hairdresser did it for me. 

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#56, broach -- I took several straight on photos, but I found this more interesting

#91, dot -- yes, this is heavily edited but I had fun!

#86, glare -- the frame on this photograph created a nice glare - look at the artworks on the opposite wall to the right of the image

#90, design - this is a painting by a former classmate who was inspired by the fashion industry

#81, door - like 3 other photos I found this at the Dallas Art Fair

#19, before

#31, After

#41, tracks

#76, big

#29, movement

I do love taking photos, each week when Friday rolls around. I dig out my copy of the 100 words we picked. I race around trying to find images that fit. I always carry my point and shoot, although last week I did buy a digital SLR.  Sadly, none of these are from my new camera. I decided to safe that for the next go around. Patricia and I are having a great time finding our words. Don’t forget to check her site out! She photo blogs at boken focus. So, enough chatter here are my ten photos for the week!

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Posting on the go is so very nice! Enjoy this photo of blur!

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